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Payday Loans UK

Need cash?

We have all experienced those unexpectedly large utility bills or faced large car repairs, sometimes you just need a little extra cash for a last minute holiday, or maybe it’s just a small loan to see you through until your next payday.

With a simple and secure application we will send your details to over 30 leading payday loan lenders, and if you are successful you will have an answer in less than 2 minutes.

All applicants must have a valid debit card and bank account. You must be 18 or over in paid employment with a monthly salary.

Minimum take home pay of £500 a month, offer applies to UK residents only.

Terms of Lending offer flexible loans that allow you to determine how much you want to borrow and the term of the loan. We lend amounts of up to £750 subject to your individual credit score and previous borrowing history with us. You will also need to decide when you can repay the loan, usually on your next payday or within a 31 day period.

Lending Criteria Credit Checks and Potential impact to credit score

You should only borrow an amount that you are confident you can afford to repay as our loans are a short term solution. We will only lend to those who can prove their ability to pay back the loan on the agreed date. The way we ensure this is by requesting anyone we lend to meets certain criteria. You must have a valid debit card and bank account, be in paid employment with a monthly salary of at least £500 per month. You must also be 18 or over and a UK resident. As part of the lending process we will credit check to get an indication of your ability to repay a loan. Whilst credit scores are not the only the only factor we take into consideration they are carried out. Too many credit checks over a short timescale can adversely affect your credit rating. In addition, should you default on your loan we may make a reference to a credit reference agency which can make it both more expensive and harder to obtain credit in the future.

Non-Payment and Financial Implications offer loans through a number of lending companies who each determine their own penalties for non-payment. It is important to contact the lender directly as soon as you foresee any potential difficulties to discuss in advance. Defaulting on a loan can mean increased interest rates or charges on your loan amount. Failure to pay can also mean a negative impact on your credit rating and potentially a debt collection agency becoming involved in recovering the loan amount. Different lenders have different policies for collection of debt and it is therefore always important to read the terms and conditions of your individual loan with regard to default practices, and contact them if something should go wrong.

Renewal (Extension) Policy information

Under certain circumstances it is possible to extend the repayment period. This is dependent on your specific lender and personal circumstances and will increase the total repayment amount. It is important to contact the loan provider directly to discuss if this is an option for you.

Considerations and the Skint Difference

Try not borrow more than you need, only borrow what you can afford to pay back on your next payday. That is the difference between Skint and other lenders, we understand that sometimes we all are a little short of cash and will lend to those who can prove they are able to pay it back by adhering to the simple criteria above. That is why we offer the best payday loans uk.

If you have already applied for a loan this month with another payday loan Company and have been refused, chances are you may be disappointed again, but not in all cases, we do have a large portfolio of lenders we apologies in advance if this happens. Try us first next time.

For our US and Canadian payday loan applications, please click the appropriate flag icon for assistance. is a ‘Not in your face’ Company we operate a No Spam policy we do not send unsolicited emails. A personal loan Is a personal decision made only by you, we are just here if you need us?

What Are Payday Loans?

A payday loan is a short term unsecured (i.e You do not have to have a mortgage to act as a guarantee) loan which rely on a applicant being able to prove previous employment and/or employment records. This type of loan, which is growing in popularity, is also known by a great many other terms, such as cash advance, short term loan or payday advance etc. When arranging your loan you will agree a repayment schedule to suit your needs. Generally at we stick to a 31 day repayment term but you are free to repay at your next payday, as long as this falls within 31 days. Alternatively, we can offer you longer repayment terms but this will increase the amount that you repay. This trend of repayment is the same across all payday loan brokers. The longer you borrow, the more you repay.

The Growth of Payday Loans in the UK

Payday loans in the UK are an industry which is seeing massive growth. Between 2006-2009 the number of people using this type of loan increased by 400% adding up to a total lending amount of £1.2 billion. The average loan amount is £300.

Benefits of Payday Loans

Payday loans are an easy way to acquire necessary monies on a short term basis. Money can be borrowed to pay for items or services on the proviso that they are repaid within an agreed time period. This offers consumers additional financial liquidity, something we all need sometimes! You can receive a decision within minutes and payment within 24 hours. Due to the borrowing conditions being more lenient than other forms of loan, payday loans allow people who may not have credit cards or access to other forms of credit.

Can Payday Loans Rebuild Your Credit Rating?

If used sensibly, payday loans may help to improve credit scores. Credit scores are based on 'behavioural predictions' so whether loans have been paid on time is a major factor in the decision making process of whether they will be granted in the future.

What are the implications of non-payment?

At, we are not a lender, so the implications of non-payment will be determined by the specific lender you have a loan with. If you encounter difficulties, or expect to encounter difficulties, regarding payment of your loan contact the lender direct as soon as possible. Depending on the lender involved, non payment can result in increased interest charges or penalty charges and could impact your credit rating and future ability to borrow. Ultimately if you cannot pay your loan the lender may contact a debt agency to help retrieve some of the money borrowed.

The operator of this website is not a bank or lender of any kind. All information you provide us is used in securing you a payday loan from one of the many banks/lenders we represent. The personal, financial and employment information that we collect is stored electronically during the duration of the application. All financial and employment data is immediately removed from our system upon acceptance of your application from the bank/lender that approves your application. Acceptance of your application does not mean approval. We will work diligently to secure you a payday loan. There is no charge to you for this service. We want your experience to be positive. It is in that spirit that we offer this information so that you are aware that we are not a bank /lender and your data is secure, because your data is electronically transferred to the lender who has accepted your application for a payday loan. Use of this site constitutes agreement with these policies. Please be advised that the owner of the site may revise these policies or others, so it's always important to read all information thoroughly. The owners of this site and our lenders comply with all state and federal regulations to short-term loans. This offer may not be available in all states.

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